The Food:


At this restaurant we serve small dishes "tapas style" but with a swedish and international touch. If you just want a small bite we recommend that you have one or two dishes. If you´re looking to have a full meal we recommend three to four dishes.






Risotto/tomatoes/parmesan cheese 55:-


Soup of the week 49:-


Beetroot/capers/wheat 45:-


Goat cheese/watermelon/pumpkin seeds 45:-




Fish & Shellfish


Pikeperch/fennel/lime aioli 69:-


Shrimp sandwich/coriander/chili/aioli 69:-


Smoked salmon/horseraddish/vegan caviar/sour cream 62:-


Herring/Mustard 49:-





Beef chili  65:-


Lamb sausage/tzazsiki/bellpepper 52:-

Beef/bread/onions 65:-


Chicken/salsa/salad 62:-




Fried potatoes 22:-


Aioli 15:-


Boiled potatoes 15:-


Deep fried halloumi 37:-


Bread 15:-


Olives 18:-


Pickles 18:-


Smoked Almonds 20:-







Chocolate truffle 28:-


Sweets of the week 49:-


Cheese/Marmelade/crackers 55:-


Small bowl of swedish candy 30:-



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